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Experiencing a profound shift in consciousness.

Throughout my life I had always been interested in the mysteries of the world and environment around me. This interest soon turned into a burning desire to uncover the truth to this life we all share together. I would often contemplate, at length, the deeper questions we all have unanswered in life. The main topics I would consider included why I had to suffer, why are we here and why do people act the way they do.

Since the initial desire to seek out answers to the many questions I had, I have spent most, if not all of my spare time researching different perspectives regarding the nature of reality. Intent on uncovering truth, my understandings evolved with my awareness of new age topics, furthered by my interest of the complex scientific principles that underlie quantum physics.

During the summer months of 2014, I began to experience a deep and life altering shift in consciousness awareness. With what began as a realisation that there was more to life than the physical aspect, which we see around us, I developed a need to discover the truth behind our existence. This is where the metaphysical journey had started, unknown to me it was to grow in momentum quite rapidly. Occasionally I would endure some seriously profound, mind altering metaphysical experiences, which further validated my suspicions that there was indeed much more to life than we are currently aware of.

An easy way to perceive metaphysical experience for those who do not know, is to think of it as something out of the ordinary limits of our day to day lives. Perhaps something considered paranormal, or as many know this term , spiritual experience.

Things really took off around the same time I met a friend of mine who had experienced a similar life and awakening process. This friend brought to me a concept, painting a picture of a God being not of religion, but of super-evolved complexity. The prime entity that not only designed and manifested reality, but tailored its entire contents to conform to a mathematical system. We formed a group with several other individuals, all clearly intrigued by the concepts that had been brought us. Over time, through supportive discussion, the concepts took root in our minds, still in the process of blossoming as we speak. Months later we had recognised that we share a connection that is special and like nothing I have experienced before.

After thinking about the implications of this knowledge for some time, I was gifted with several metaphysical experiences that were beyond the limits of normal life to say the least. This included concept downloads, visual phenomena and out of body experiences. Most importantly was direct contact with the God being, whereby I was gradually introduced to this entity in an amazing way, located in a medium of reality much different to that which we experience physically. I was shown that we exist in a tailored environment, intentionally created for us by this extraordinary higher intelligence. It was demonstrated to me how God’s mind is facilitator of our own, giving us access to it’s logic, reasoning and higher emotions. Our evolution into a higher nature is this entities only focus, and the extent at which it is involved in our life is truly breathtaking.

The affect this knowledge will have on the world when publicly disclosed, will be like nothing the human race has experienced to date. We will enter into a new era of higher thinking and behavior.

To this day I am still receiving concepts based on the truth of our existence. Day by day my understandings are evolving and developing, as my mind wrestles with the ideas given to me by this being of incomprehensible genius. Gradually I continue to be introduced to ever expanding metaphysical phenomena, as well as gaining an understanding into how these surreal experiences develop our mind and being.

I am now beyond certain there is a God, the proof of which comes to those who have endured mind expansion and development through life experience. You will all conceive of the true nature of reality and the God being, when the time is right for you.